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Float your 3D elevations and floor plans on air

Holographic projection can bring out the best face of your real estate projects, construct a visual before your consumer that shows the fished form of your dream project. A convincing presentation of your project can become more effective in giving a real life feel to your buyers.

Why use holography for your real estate business?

Holographic projection technique can prove to be the best way to pull in your prospects. Real estate properties need a lot of promotion, making the projection more exciting, self-explanatory and lively will attract more attention from your target audience.

1. Let your showcase slay

Holographic projection can become the best boon for promoting your real estate project; holographic projection can create the wow factor and bring your project alive. However hard you try to tell your buyers how their property will look like it will fall short of creating that wow factor that you desperately want to create, unleash your full promotional potential through holography.

2. Amuse with animations

Even when your actual project is not ready for people to get a wholesome insight into it, through holographic presentation you can give them an overview and a convincing idea of how your project would look like in reality. Holographic projection allows you to amuse your audience by projecting your plan attractively and accurately.

3. Near to real experience

3D Holographic projection techniques facilitate you to show your potential buyers the complete process of evolution of your project. When you let your consumers know the process behind the creating a project you give them a reason to trust the quality of your product. Holographic presentation can show the process of construction from scratch and show them how your finished project will be functional in realty.

Where to use it?

Holographic projection techniques can be used to promote different projects in the following platforms or occasions:

1. Real estate project launch

Be it a mammoth project or small scale one, right promotion at the initial stage will let your creation knock every possible prospect’s door. The best face of how your project will turn out to be should be showcased to your target audience to kick start your reach.

2. Real estate expo

Expos are the best opportunities to promote to a large crowd, when the target audience is number unspecified it is necessary for you to make your product presentation stand out in a crowd. This requires exciting ways of presentation which enabled through 3D Holographic projection technology.

3. Sales Points

At sales point, the end product is all that your customers are looking for to convince themselves that it would be a profitable investment; it is evident from realty that you are put in a fix to sell your end product even before a project has taken off. The alternative of selling an end product is giving them a strong impression of how it would turn out to be in reality this can be effectively done through holographic technology

4. Real estate events and other events

In a large crowd, promoting your real estate project through holographic technology will give your prospects a strong memory and they’ll carry your brand image in their mind. Each and every promotion strategy is largely influenced by how you present your product. Attract attention from your target audience and make things feel real.

5. Corporate office

Enthralling presentation techniques will let your brand create an enduring memory in your prospect’s mind. Make your office’s ambience narrate your brand story through holographic technology.

How to use it?

Our products can help you put up a project presentation to marvel at:

1. Holopop

The enclosed chamber like device can make your floor plan, layout and your construction site attractively appear near to reality, the pre fed content of your project can rotate and give a wholesome view of your project. The device projects a 3D view of your plan without compromising on the visual quality.

2. Holo Display

Holographic LED display facilitates the projection of your floor plan in an exact way that you want it to be projected before an audience waiting to know about your product. The wings of the holo display projects the pre fed content through a high spin. The visual can attract audience even from a long distance.

3. Virtual sales executive

Having a sales person narrate your brand story to each one with maximum effectives for n number of times is practically impossible, incorporating a virtual presenter in your sales point and your office will minimize your effort and maximize the reach of your brand. It increases your brand awareness and to prospects who know will get to have more clarity through a effective narration.

4. Holo VM

Holo miniature enables your projection to be both real and virtual, this product can present an excellent amalgamation of your products functional and statutory aspects. You can have a static model of your floor plan and extrapolate it to show its functional aspects through animations.

Mesmerise your audience with the power of holographic technology. Give them an experience with an everlasting impact.

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