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Let your product speak for itself

Holographic projection techniques put your products on a pedestal. Your customers can ignore a product but not a compelling presentation of it. So make sure that you make a mark through your marketing strategies.

Why you should use holographic projection technique to promote products in retail sector?

Holographic projection techniques can make heads turn and make your consumers with an everlasting memory. Showcasing your products in innovative ways is as important as investing time in improving its quality.

1. Give a wow factor

Making people shop offline requires more than just mere mundane display of what you have in store for them, pulling crowd into your store demands your product display give that extra element of excitement. This is possible through creating jaw dropping display of your products.

2. Make special products appear special

When you update your stock it is natural that you will have that special range of collection that you want your immediate customers to buy, making your new arrivals and exotic needs to be showcased to your potential customers.

3. Make your display more dynamic

The wide range of products that you have for your customers can be displayed in an attractive manner without any extra efforts, this is possible through holographic projection technology. Digital mannequins can showcase each colour or pattern variant of one single product without actually changing the content.

Where you can use it?

Holographic projection techniques can make your products come alive in the following arenas.

1. Store Launch or Product launch

A launch event is as powerful as its reach, to make it reach the large number of your target audience it is more than essential to make it more innovative than informative, how you appeal is more important than what you reveal. So make your launch events as exciting as possible.

2. Virtual merchandising

Walk that extra mile to pull your potential customers in, making the most attractive product displays. Make your virtual merchandising the most powerful source of bringing in customers through virtual mannequins. Holography is an efficient and proven way to make people throng around your store. Holographic displays can become the major source of crowd puller when it out beats traditional ways of product displays. It highlights your presence in a crowd.

3. Advertising display

Your advertisements and other efforts that you invested in creating interesting marketing communication for your brand can now become exciting displays in your store and sales point. Make your glass talk ! convert your glasses into advertising displays.

Our products can help you make the most memorable presentations efficiently and effortlessly….

1. Holopop

Your product can become a stand out factor in a group of products with same use but and different features. Holopop can make your product’s image revolve and come alive as an attractive visual in a closed chamber.

2. Holo Display

Holo display can project an image of your product which can be visible from a large distance without compromising on the quality of the image produced. Holo Display produces a high quality 3D visual of your product through wings with high spin.

3. Holo VM

Holographic miniature can create a compressed world around your product; it can help your product come alive by placing your product in an artificially created environment. The personality of your product can become more powerful through holo miniature.

4. Virtual sales person

Imagine having a sales person who tirelessly promotes your products in the exact same way that you want them to for any number of times… sounds extremely productive? Virtual sales person can facilitate exactly this promotion method.

Mesmerise your audience with the power of holographic technology. Give them an experience with an everlasting impact.

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