Holo Display

Let your product pop up in your consumer’s mind.

Holo Display technique, Holographic fan is a 3D projection system produces high definition 3D effect image and video through rotating led display. Holographic device makes animations come alive, it projects a free floating three dimensional form of the pre-fed content.

Ready to play

Its unique features like easy portability and less time consumption for setting it up such user friendly qualities makes it worthwhile for effective advertising displays in any location.

Increase your sales

It can be used in shopping mall, shop store, exhibition, bar, product launch, marketing promotion and so it can draw customers' attention well. It is really a best choice if you want to increase sales and receive high brand exposure in an innovative way.



Holo Display Hx42

Holographic display projects thorough the LED lights on the display’s wings. The result produced by Hx42 is small yet significant.




Holo Display Hx56

Hx56 produces sharp projection of the pre-fed content. The wing of the display is 56cm and it projects the pre-fed content without harsh border lines.




Holo Display Hx100

Hx100 holographic display is known for the grandeur of the projection. It creates large size free floating 3D projection that creates bigger impact



Energy efficient

The holographic displays consume less energy and are highly energy efficient. The less power consumption does not compromise on the output.

Plug and play

Holographic Display takes minutes to give an output. As the content is pre-fed, the projections can be brought just by turning on.

Easy to carry

Holographic products need less effort and time to prove their worth. They are easily portable and neatly packaged so to make the process of pulling off an event is easier and hassle free.

Highly adaptive

Holographic technology can be showcased in any location. There are different products that cater to various ambiences for various purposes.

Mesmerise your audience with the power of holographic technology. Give them an experience with an everlasting impact.

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