3D Backpack hologram for BTL activities :

3D Holographic Promotion Technology in a Backpack

India’s first mobile holographic presentation

There hasn’t been any such similar product that had a holographic presentation that could be moved around with the least efforts possible. Holo-Station a brand by BCC has taken up and solved that challenge of making holographic presentations truly user friendly by making it easily movable, this indeed has resulted in the epic product Holo-mobile.

A revamp of Human Billboard

Holo-mobile is a product set to revolutionize the phenomenon of human billboards, did it look not so classy to you when people hung a billboard to advertise a brand or to carry forward a message asking for attention. If yes, Holo-mobile is made just for you!

Classy design

Holo mobile has a holographic presentation within totally enclosed by sleek metallic cylindrical surface with just one transparent front facing surface that is going to be visible to the audience. The Holo-Fan is placed inside this cylindrical surface, the fan within projects the pre-loaded content when switched on.

Battery operated

The product needs no plug-point, it needs no real-time electricity either. All that it has a chargeable battery which keeps the whole product power sufficient, you just need to connect it to make it play and disconnect it when need to be put off.

Mobile presentations made easier

Holo-mobile needs the least budget, least logistics planning and other hassles that come along whenever a mobile advertising campaign is planned. Holo-mobile can ease out your presentation plans and take your brand to the next level by just one decision of buying the product.


Holo Mobile (Front view)

Holo Mobile (Back view)

Charging Port

On / Off Switch

What is Holo Mobile?

Holo Mobile is a newly launched product of our Holo-Station merchandise consisting a line of products that use 3D holography technology for advertising. Holo Mobile is used in place where huge moving crowd gather. Holo Mobile comes in a backpack that has attached chargeable port for the battery. Holo mobile can carry your advertisement the digital way with utmost cost effectiveness.

Holo mobile : Products description and technical specification

  • 224pcs led lights, 8GB SD Card (to be inserted in the SD card slot in the fan inside Holo Mobile), with Resolution is 460*460px
  • Content inside Holo Mobile can be of any form like MP4, AVI, RMVB, MKV, GIF, JPG, PNG etc.Holo Mobile prefers 3D content over others for producing top notch quality of display. Content can be tweaked for as many number of times as needed by the user
  • The product does not absorb or emit heat while functioning, the user may not feel any discomfort while Holo mobile is functioning for a continuous time-period too
  • It has a charging port attach to the bag case along with the battery. The battery and even the minutest technical parts are safely sealed inside a non-conductible pouch. Absolutely no safety issues for the holo mobile user
  • Holo Mobile is a product that encloses the holographic fan in a cylindrical structure. The cylindrical enclosure around the holographic fan is made of high-quality aluminium coated in powder to give it a nice sleek finish. The enclosure doesn’t react to heat or sunlight.
  • The front facing surface has high quotient of transparency that makes just the content visible without any borders, extra rings or sound. It makes you feel like it is completely in air. The surface is made of strong material which cannot get damages with manageable intensity of rough handling.
  • The edges of the cylindrical enclosure are sealed with soft and thin layered strong rubber to avoid harsh edges scratching the transparent surface.
  • The front facing clear surface is attached to the cylindrical enclosure after the content is fed into the holographic fan within through SD card.
  • The display clear surface and the enclosure are attached together by screws that can be manually fixed and removed.
  • Holo mobile has a typical bag like packaging that makes it easy for one to carry and walk around.

8 places where Holo mobile can be used for the best results

Holo-Mobile can be used in places where there is a need of immediate attention from a moving crowd. You can invite attention to any content that you wish to feed into your holo-mobile.

Holo-mobile can be used to divert a sumptuous attention towards your campaign/product/your brand territory at a competitive forum or platform like retail expo and many other occasions.

Leverage that competitive edge by making your brand tech-savvy…

  1. Mass Campaigns
  2. Rallies
  3. Malls and other shopping spree areas
  4. Brand Promotional activities in public spaces
  5. Crowded areas where many similar products are put to sale
  6. Field in which a CSR is carried out
  7. Calling for attention from common people for a cause to attract crowd funding, donations etcExpos, trade shows and conferences
  8. Expos, trade shows and conferences

Mesmerise your audience with the power of holographic technology. Give them an experience with an everlasting impact.

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