Holo Stage

Set the stage on fire through holography

Holo stage is the most attractive and impactful holographic projection technique for a huge audience. The larger than life projection can be used on already present structures to make it more attractive and crowd pulling. Through holographic projection pre-recorded performance parts can be streamed live, it also makes it look real from a larger distance.


Bigger for bigger impact

Mesmerize your audience with the power of holo stage projection. The extravagant projection created on stage makes immerses your audience in the performance.

Enthrall your audience

The holographic projections on stage are very near to real, this quality makes jaws hit the floor. Holo stage does not compromise on the quality of the content produced, the original look of the content is retained without harsh border lines.

Perfect merge of real life and animation

Holo stage enables the projection of the live or pre-fed content and has great scope for the performer to play with performance oriented animations on air. This makes the
event livelier than ever.

Tailor-made to suit your stage

Holo stage does not have conventional size or fixed form of projection, Holo stage can create projections that contextually fit your event. Holo stage can prove to be productive as per your stage demands.

Mesmerise your audience with the power of holographic technology. Give them an experience with an everlasting impact.

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