Let your product pop up in your consumer’s mind.

Holopop has an exclusive feature that sets it apart from other holographic projection systems. Holopop can project an excellent amalgamation of the real product and extrapolate the product’s existence through contextual animations around it. This speeds up the narration of a brand story around a product.

Elegantly designed

It comes with sleek housing package and it is easily portable. The user friendly nature of the product is an added advantage. The projection quality is not compromised or stays as super cool as it promises to be in any geographical location.

Versatile in Nature

Holopop is highly versatile as it comes in all sizes that makes it ideal for using it in any ambience with any strength of audience. Holopop comes in three different sizes small, medium and large.


Holopop 1S

Holopop 1S creates revolving detailed visuals in 180° z shaped model. The elegance in holopop 1S is a distinct feature in the model, the structure is simple and sleek in nature. The visual created is definitely a crowd puller.






Holopop 3S

Holopop 3s series is for making your product come alive in the most captivating way. With an angle of 260° it creates a visual to make your audience not just catch a glimpse of the product but to stop stare and receive the story behind your brand.






Holopop 4S

The four sided holopop has 360° degree angle of projection which enables a full fledged view of the product in display. The facility to create a gigantic stunning visual attracts the mob at an instant and increases brand awareness
among your target audience.




Holopop Customised Shapes

We have tailor-made products to suit your brand’s daily changing demands. Holopop can be customized according to the requirements as the right amalgamation of technology and contextual creativity is all we believe in. Holopop can be made in any size or shape based on your when, what and why about an event.




Energy efficient

All holographic products consume as less energy as your television. They don’t require separate power sources for implementation.

Plug and play

Holographic products take minutes to give an output. As the content is pre-fed, the projections can be brought just by turning on.

Easy to carry

Holographic products need less effort and time to prove their worth. They are easily portable and neatly packaged so to make the process of pulling off an event is easier and hassle free.

Highly adaptive

Holographic technology can be showcased in any location. There are different products that cater to various ambiences for various purposes.

Build in audio

Holograms can be extrapolated through adding audio to it. Audio systems are inbuilt to effectively synchronize with the visual.







Real Estate



Mesmerise your audience with the power of holographic technology. Give them an experience with an everlasting impact.

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